Get started - Moontrail

Get started with Moontrail today.

Starting with a learning experience software platform is a big leap.

Our recommendation is that you find a match on several points: features, ease of use for your users and administrators, hardware infrastructure and security requirements, availability and quality of our support, possible integrations and potentially many more...

We therefore stand ready to reply to your questions and create a perfect match. 

Work with us and engage your learners on a stellar journey.

Steps to start with Moontrail.

Step 1. Start with a trial and decide.

Sign up for a trial and experience Moontrail yourself. Upload some learners, create content, develop a learning pathway and start engaging your learners. All these actions will provide you the key findings to take an informed decision.  

Step 2. Sign-up and pay your first invoice

You sign an agreement with Moontrail and pay your first invoice to get started. Next, you get access to Moontrail and you can start creating content. As simple as it can be. We keep the paperwork as limited and efficient as possible.

Step 3. Get two months of customer success support

To set you on the path to success, we schedule weekly check-in meetings to on board you into Moontrail. We pride ourselves in Moontrail's intuitive administrator experience and aim for you to manage as many actions as you can on your own. 

Step 4. Create content, engage learners and measure impact

To see behavioural change, learners need content and practice. Start creating content and offer it to your learners. Use our impact measurement model to gain insight in the results of all your efforts. 

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